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  Thank You Walmart  and Facebook friends for helping us to get in the runner's up position and bringing $50,000 to our community....

For an example of what we do please look at our programs.

We will keep any donations from Walmart in our community of Cape Coral and Fort Myers..

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Kathryn Blackman

Executive Director 



The Donate4kidz Foundation was founded in 2008 to enrich the lives of children living in severe poverty, the foster care system, disaster stricken areas, orphanages and rural communities. 

We are greatful to our sponsors who help us with in kind and financial donations. We work on a volunteer basis and depend on community grants, donations, gifts,and volunteers to help us be able to offer our communities with assistance and other opportunities or programs.  

We offer assistance to parents of foster children in Lee County with emergency clothing and emergency supplies such as car seats, strollers, high chairs and  other needs upon availability.

In the past two years, We were proud to of been able to travel and to  help International orphanages in low supply in Central America.


We offer families with children in our community with food, clothing, uniforms, hygiene and school supplies, Holiday help and birthday wishes. Our board members also volunteer and help the local community with fundraising to help other community based organizations and schools. Please feel free to read our entire mission statement here.



The vision of Donate4kidz Foundation is to enhance the lives of children and young adults 
with educational supplies, clothing, food, materials,  and monetary donations to  local community organizations and schools in various countries. Donate4kidz Foundation enables the donors to actively help sustain change and participate in the realm of making this world a better place for all lives.



In 2008 Kathryn Blackman began the research necessary to help these children during these economic trying times. Kathryn and her friend Ursula had traveled into the deepest areas of the rain forest stumbling onto these very rich at heart areas that were in need of financial resources. Kathryn has spent many years in the real estate business and was blessed to have the ability to travel and gain insight and perspective on what is important. Both women decided to give back to their community as volunteers and as good stewards. They return the favor and love they were so blessed to receive in recent years. Remembering what helped to shape their lives and their good fortune; they formed The Donate4kidz Foundation and began their journey.


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