Christmas starts with the Angels of Hope in Cape Coral and fort Myers, Florida

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Please consider giving the gift of love this season. Many of our local Cape Coral and Fort Myers Families are in dire need. To add insult to injury there was a bill denied to extend the unemployment benefits during this holiday season leaving many families with out any income. These families are already struggling to find jobs and provide food and shelter for their families and now at Christmas will be left without food, electric, or gas miney to find work.
Please consider being an Angel Of Hope and help us help those who have been struck with this difficult time in their life.

Children will be more than happy to exchange their presents for food this year and that is really unfortunate. Children should be able to enjoy the one day of presents, cookies, and joyful homes singing praises of Jesus's brith.
It is hard to beleive in faith unless the faithful step in to reach out to those who need us.
Please be a good steward and donate now.

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We know times are tough for everyone right now and sometimes just an extra $25.00 gives someone the gas they need to get to work. In the USA food is more readily available but milk, eggs, meat, and items like that are not normally given out and those items are needed. Usually there is a criteria of income and a three to six month waiting period before you can get help again from the area food banks. The Donate4kidz Foundation is not a food bank in Cape Coral but we do help hundreds of families that need an additional hand at very desperate times. The "Angels of Hope" program helps those that need it the most and in desperate times. I have called around a few of the food banks and asked what the criteria was and income needed to be eligible for programs and was surprised to find out that most have a return policy. Meaning people can only go once in a three month period. Granted there are some food banks that do not adhere to the strict guidelines and I understand the reasonbut the problem facing us is still there. People really need more help now and next week, next month. Hunger does not wait for guidelines and rules. So that is why The Donate4kidz Foundation is starting a new Angels of Hope program. There are many things needed like gas cards, food, clothes, shoes, utility help and rental assistance needed. The Holidays are also coming and Turkey dinners and Toys are always nice to have for families that cannot afford these items.  "We all need help at different times in our lives" and perhaps you are blessed with a good job and can help others who have lost theirs.  Our goal here at the Donate4kidz Foundation is to help children by helping their parents too. Please send me an email at and sign up to receive or sponsor. Those who receive donations have to commit to returning the donation within a three month period unless financially unable. It is the honor system in which we hope those who honor will outweight those who do not. That returned donation will be available then to be lent out again to another family. We help those who cannot go to the food banks again (The Interim period). We also will use our discretion on repeat donations and see to it your gifts of love are respected and needed. We will be taking ongoing donations of clothing, food, childrens items, teen items, and anything that someone else could use and be grateful to have. We will be accepting gift cards such as from; Publix, Payless, Walmart,and Exxon starting from $10.00-$100.00. Special sponsored Items such as utility help will be accepted by making a donation on our website and specifically noting Utility Help. We will screen and make sure the money goes directly to the utility company not the person. Please let me know if you would like to volunteer to help or become a sponsor. Please forward this to your friends in the area to help us get the word out to people who need our help! Thank you!
Please visit us on facebook and go to our website at to donate and find out what it is we are up to next.

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Kathryn Blackman I am a Realtor in SW Florida and love to be able to help those who are in need. Please feel free to email me at if you have any questions. Please help out wherever and whenever you can and join the "Love Revolution". Sincerely, Kathryn